Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Fusion Energi (Plug-In Hybrid) Review

Ford Fusion Energi for Sale at Gresham Ford
The Fusion Energi is the first plug-in hybrid midsize sedan for Ford and is only available at EV Certified Ford Dealers, like Gresham Ford.  The plug in capability means the lithium-ion battery can be fully charged easily overnight in approximately 7 hours using the standard 120 volt convenience charging cord that is included with the vehicle.  For faster charging you also have the option of installing a 240 volt charging station at your home just like the ones you have probably noticed around Gresham and Portland.  The Fusion Energi combines the state of the art lithium-ion battery and electric motor with a gasoline engine for maximum efficiency and elimination of range anxiety.

Many are surprised at the zippy powerful feeling the immediate torque from the electric motor provides with a capability of driving up to 85 MPH in all electric mode.  The Fusion Energi Hybrid truly offers the best of both worlds, providing the capability of driving an electric vehicle but the ability to act as a hybrid for longer trips between charges.  This is a sacrifice for the planet you'll truly enjoy.
Ford Fusion Energi Charging Port

The 2.0L Atkinson cycle I-4 eCVT provides 95 MPGe (MPGe is the EPA equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation) 81 MPG3 on the highway and 88 MPGe combined.  Even if you just ran the Fusion Energi without charging it you would get 40 MPG in the city, 36 MPG on the highway and 38 MPG combined.

If you are like many customers looking for electric vehicles for sale you are probably doing lots of research and comparing different models like the Chevy Volt.  We think you will find the room in the Fusion Energi more versatile for most lifestyles that include kids, dogs, etc as opposed to the much smaller Volt.

Chevy Volt vs Ford Energi Comparision

To see the online inventory of Ford Fusion Energi (Plug-In Hybrids) currently in stock and for Sale at Gresham Ford visit the website.  You can also test drive one at 1999 East Powell Blvd Gresham OR 97080.