Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Make a July Fourth splash in Gresham’s new Children’s Fountain

Gresham opens East Multnomah County’s first free splash fountain for kids – just in time for the holiday

GRESHAM, Ore. – The City of Gresham is giving a July Fourth treat to children of all ages: a
new Children’s Fountain in the city’s historic downtown.  The Children’s Fountain will splash to life Friday, July 4 at 7 a.m. and stay open all day long until 10 p.m. Kids can cavort in two fountains – one designed for toddlers, one for bigger kids – that are powered by 43 jets of cool, clean, chlorinated water. The fountain is built to surprise. Water is controlled by a computer program that makes the jets disappear – then leap to life – at random intervals for maximum fun. For daytime, the Children’s Fountain includes two shade structures. At night, the fountain is lit by a subtly shifting display of 20 multi-colored LED lights.  The Children’s Fountain is located at the Arts Plaza in historic downtown at 401 N.E. Second St. in Gresham.

This new parks amenity is free to users – the only no-cost splash pad in East Multnomah County
– and was developed entirely with $1.5 million in federal funds awarded to the City of Gresham for community development. “I am very excited to see Gresham add a great new place for our children and families, with the Children’s Fountain opening just in time for some relief from these hot days,” Mayor Shane Bemis said. “This strategic use of federal grant dollars will not only provide our kids a safe and healthy place to play, but it will help encourage economic activity in an important area of the city, and enhance one of our newest and most important public spaces.”

On Wednesday, July 16 at 6 p.m., the public is invited to the Arts Plaza to celebrate the launch of
the Children’s Fountain. The launch will showcase the interactive fountain and promote Rise Advance Dream (RAD) Gresham, a City initiative aimed at partnering with residents to dream big. Mayor Bemis and the Council are asking the public to brainstorm transformative ideas for Gresham’s future – ideas like a free, colorful fountain for kids. Since September 2013, the City has received dozens of ideas, ranging from a community center to an OMSI East campus, through the RAD online forum at At the July 16 fountain launch, Mayor Bemis and the City Council will celebrate RAD along with business and community leaders, and residents can submit their ideas to improve life in Gresham. There will be games, giveaways and free sno-cones.

After its holiday debut, the Children’s Fountain will be open seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Because the fountain does not hold water, no lifeguard will be on duty. However, all children
must be supervised. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers, and swim clothing is required. For a list of fountain rules and etiquette, please visit The Children’s Fountain is a project of the Gresham City Council, which made design and construction a 2013 priority as a way to boost the Arts Plaza and drive business activity and private investment in the City’s downtown. The Department of Environmental Services managed construction of the fountain, and Parks and Facilities Division staff will operate it. For more information, call Parks and Facilities at 503-618-2300.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ford Earns Top Ranking in Best Global Green Brands

Recently Ford Motor Company earned the number one ranking in Interbrand's 50 Best Glocal Green Brands.  Ford has been dedicated to sustainability, alternative energy options and bettering our fuel efficiency technologies for decades and is now being recognized.  Ford Motor Company has been dedicated to continued research and development and has achieved exciting results.  Ford is now using wheat straw reinforced plastics in the vehicle interiors for many of the Ford product line.  

Ford Motor Company Develops New Sustainable Technologies
Ford is the first automaker to develop and utilize wheat straw in it's plastics for vehicle interiors.  This use of sustainable materials is being hailed as revolutionary because its use in just in third row storage bins is saving 20,000 lbs of petroleum and 30,000 lbs of CO2 emissions annually.  

Ford has maintained a collaborative culture that encourages advancement and forward thinking. Utilizing bio-based sustainable materials like soy based polyurethane seat cushions and seatbacks is just one other example of how the blue oval has gone green! 

So if you want a truly green vehicle that is good to the environment, look into the complete line of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs.  Gresham Ford is proud to be a certified Green Business by the City of Gresham and proud to offer the full line of revolutionary Green Ford vehicles.  Stop by 1999 East Powell Blvd in Gresham for a test drive or contact a Ford product specialist at 503-665-0101.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Gresham Ford explains the Ford Fusion Hybrid Powertrain

The Ford Fusion Hybrid that is sold at Gresham Ford, just outside of Portland, has a 88-kW Electric Traction Motor.  That electric traction motor drives the vehicle (by itself or with the gasoline engine).  You can power the vehicle alone up to 85 mph — up from 62 mph.  When you take a test drive at Gresham Ford up highway 26 and then down the back roads to Hogan you can feel how responsive the Fusion Hybrid is compared to your vehicle now.  By using the electric traction motor during launch it allows for a smaller gasoline engine and significantly reduces fuel consumption.  Because the Fusion hybrid uses as a generator to recover the vehicle’s energy
during deceleration or braking to recharge the lithium-ion battery it also reduces fuel consumption.  The Electric Generator Motor starts the gasoline engine quickly and automatically when required for performance and this eliminates the need to “plug in” the vehicle.  Many customers have found that this option also eliminates their range anxiety.
Ford Fusion Hybrid is available at Gresham Ford
Ford Motor Company and Gresham Ford are both dedicated to reducing our impact on the planet and have a Battery Recycling Program in place for the vehicle batteries after they serve their use.  The Lithium-ion batteries are environmentally responsible and recyclable.  This recyclability will become increasingly important as larger numbers of hybrids enter the market.   If scrapping Fusion Hybrid, the dealer will be able to properly dispose of the discharged lithium-ion battery.  As always Ford is looking towards the future and is helping to develop the high-voltage battery (HVB) end of life recycling infrastructure in the U.S. by providing educational material on battery removal, transportation and recycling as well as a call center for end of life vehicle dismantlers through ELVS. More information can be found on the ELVS website at
or by calling 1-855-358-7228.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hybrids, Plug Ins and More - What does it mean?

Gresham Ford offers the Full Line of Green Vehicles
Gresham Ford knows that you want to be green and do the right thing but sometimes it can all be just too confusing.  With many automakers creating new technologies and each having their own name for similar products it can be difficult to compare apples to apples.  Understanding the new terms and understanding how these systems differ, as well as how Ford compares with the competition is essential to helping you to find the right car for your lifestyle.

So lets define what it all means.

What is a mild hybrid?
This is a variant of a hybrid that uses a smaller electric motor and a battery to assist a gasoline engine.  The system functions similarly to a hybrid however, the smaller battery and electric motor only assist the gasoline engine when extra energy is required.  This technology increases fuel efficiency over a standard gasoline engine but does not offer electric only propulsion.  Ford has chosen not to offer a mild hybrid but rather focus on hybrid technologies that offer some form of electric-only propulsion.  Examples of a mild hybrid include the Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Malibu and the Chevrolet Impala.

Gresham Ford Offers the Full Line of Ford Green Vehicles
What is a Plug-In Hybrid?

This type of vehicle is an efficient pairing of gasoline and electric power combined with an internal Regenerative Braking System and/or external plug-in capabilities to charge its larger, advanced lithium-ion battery.  Ford Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles have been built off advanced hybrid technology and added a chargeable lithium ion battery to propel the vehicle farther under electric-only power, gasoline power or a combination of the two.  Which means that if during the week your commute is only 5 miles you may use only electric power all week. But on the weekends you decide to drive to Seattle to visit Pike's Place Fish Market.  Then you would be on electric power for the first leg and utilize the gasoline engine only when the electric battery is depleted.  Our General Manager, Bess Wills has been driving a CMax Plug In Hybrid for at least six months at this point and has only filled up a handful of times.  This is a great way to relieve the distance anxiety experienced by all electric vehicles.  Ford Plug-In Hybrids offer enhanced fuel economy advantages over hybrids and with a chargeable battery - allowing the driver to use the vehicle much like a full-electric car, if desired.

What is a true electric vehicle?

The ultimate in terms of zero CO2 emissions, zero gasoline usage and state of the art electric technology.  The combination of electric traction motor and advanced battery technology provides impressive torque and range creating a truly useful vehicle.  The Ford Focus Electric system propels the vehicle under electric power only with zero use of gasoline and emissions; no internal combustion engine is included.  An advantage we have heard from Focus Electric vehicle customers is that their maintenance has been reduced to almost nil because there is no oil to change or gunk to build up.  Focus Electric competitors are the Nissan Leaf and Honda Fit EV.  For more information or to take your very own test drive contact a Gresham Ford Product Specialist at 503-665-0101 or 1999 East Powell Blvd in Gresham.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ford Fusion Energi plugs in and has a gas engine

Gresham Ford is excited to offer the Fusion Energi because is the first plug-in hybrid midsize sedan for Ford and is available through Ford Certified EV Dealers.  Gresham Ford is a Certified Electric Vehicle Ford Dealership serving Gresham, Sandy, Troutdale, Fairview and Portland.  The Fusion has plug-in capability, which means the lithium-ion battery can be fully charged easily overnight in approximately 7 hours using the standard 120-volt convenience charging cord or  for faster charging in about 2.5 hours an available 240-volt charging station.  Many electric vehicle owners don't have any special charging station installed in their home.  If you are going to be home for at least 8 hours to sleep that is also enough time to charge your vehicle.  The Fusion Energi delivers maximum efficiency by combining a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery and electric motor with a gasoline engine.  There is no range anxiety because if you need you have the gas engine.  The Ford Fusion Energi offers the best of both worlds, providing the capability to be driven as an electric vehicle for short trips and as a hybrid for longer trips.  Bess Wills, General Manager has only filled up twice in over 1000+ miles.  Our Service Manager, Cher Marlowe also drives an Energi (but hers is a C-Max) has had very similar experience.
Ford Fusion Energi  Plug In Electric & Gas Powered  For Sale Gresham Ford 

When you aren't ready to commit to an exclusively Electric vehicle because you like traveling to Seattle or the beach with minimal pit stops - the family of Ford Energi vehicles  - is a great solution.  Fusion Energi shares many of the same advanced powertrain system features with Fusion Hybrid, combining the best features of a gasoline engine and an electric motor to deliver excellent driving performance and efficiency.  This electric car is really the best of both both worlds.  The Ford Electric Car can be charged by connecting the vehicle’s external charge port to either a standard 120-volt outlet or an available 240-volt charging station.  There are a growing number of blink stations across Gresham and Portland that offer charging options while you shop.  For members of Blink it is $1 per hour and for non-blink members it is $2 per hour.
The plug-in capability offers drivers greater range and capability in full EV mode (all-electric only) than Fusion Hybrid, helping to further reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.  And after all isn't that what this is all about.  Many states have tax credits for these bi-fuel vehicles that have no range anxiety.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gresham Ford wants to help Fleets manage their costs better

Fuel costs often claim the lion's share of a fleet's operating costs, so careful management of that spending can help improve the bottom line.  Companies that specialize in managing fuel costs can help fleets keep a lid on fuel costs and they say that their services can generate a significant return on the investment.  Gresham Ford suggests getting the most fuel efficient vehicle in the beginning to help reduce your cost of ownership in the first place.  Gresham Ford Fleet offers the full line of Ford's commercial vehicles that are more heavy duty than their mainstream counterparts.
Ford Super Duty Work Trucks now available at Gresham Ford

Super Duty customers depend on their trucks for their livelihood — if their truck doesn't work, they don’t work.  Now in every Ford Super Duty truck there are Ford-engineered, Ford-tested and Ford-built 6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel engine that is extremely quiet and has been durability tested for 250,000 miles of real-world use.  THe F-Series Super Duty Pickups must pass rigorous durability tests based on how customers really use their trucks.  The Ford Work Trucks have been set to high standards for refinement and quietness.

Just for example the  Low NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) levels have been significantly reduced in the new generation of Super Duty trucks.  The quiet diesel engine operation is the result of fine-tuning to reduce diesel combustion noise and to ensure quiet, smooth operation at high and low speeds.  The Quiet Steel®(1) dash panel — composite-laminated steel sheet works with extra sound padding in the dash and
floor to provide a foundation for the quiet cabin.  Ford even included sound-damping back panel improves occupants’ ability to carry on a conversation.  The Ford engineers also built in expandable “gull wings,” inside the fenders just in front of the doors, work with the Quiet Steel dash panel to further reduce unwanted road and wind noise.  The side glass is also thicker to assist in minimizing wind noise.  The climate control system design reduces number and size of openings in the bulkhead, also improving interior quietness for the Ford work truck.  The Ford engineers also worked to improve the  instrument panel that seals in order to help reduce powertrain noise.  Gresham Ford's knowledgeable staff would be happy to fire one up so that you can hear the difference yourself.  

Gresham Ford is excited about the bi-fuel Fusion Energi

Gresham Ford is excited that the Fusion Energi is the first plug-in hybrid midsize sedan for Ford and is available through Ford Certified EV Dealers, like Gresham Ford.  The Ford Fusion Energi features a total EPA-estimated driving range in gasoline and electric operation of up to 620 miles and a driving range in EV mode (all-electric) of up to 21 miles.  Most of those in the Portland metro area work and live within a 21 mile radius meaning that we would almost always use the electric power exclusively.  Because the Fusion Energi also has a gasoline fuel engine it allows the long road trips to the coast or Bend without range anxiety.  This new Ford technology is a great stepping stone to becoming an even greener NW.
Ford Fusion Energi now available at Gresham Ford

The plug-in capability means the lithium-ion battery can be fully charged easily overnight in approximately
7 hours using the standard 120-volt convenience charging cord or — for faster charging in about 2.5 hours.  Then you would drive to work almost exclusively on electric power.

The Fusion Energi also delivers maximum efficiency by combining a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery and electric motor with a gasoline engine.  The bi-fuel technology truly answers the range anxiety some have voiced with the exclusively electric vehicles like Ford Focus Electric.  The Fusion Energi offers the best of both worlds, providing the capability to be driven as an electric vehicle for short trips and as a hybrid for longer trips.

For more information or to schedule your personalized test drive call 503-665-0101 or stop by 1999 East Powell Blvd in Gresham; drive safe and green!