Sunday, June 5, 2016

You Auto Know About the Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric from Gresham Ford

The Ford Focus Electric is the first full electric passenger vehicle offered by Ford Motor Company and is available exclusively through Ford Certified EV Dealers like Gresham Ford. By offering an EPA-estimated all electric driving rating of 110 city/99 highway and 105 combined MPGe, the Focus Electric has burst onto the electric vehicle scene by storm.  The top speed of 84 mph is impressive and will keep in the fast lane of I-84 whenever possible. 

The Focus Electric has the ability to recharge fully in just 3.6 hours when using a 240 volt charging station or 7.4 when utilizing a 120 volt charging option.  A 120 volt charging adapter is included with the Ford Focus so you can take it home and plug it into any wall outlet.  

Ford Focus Electric available at Gresham Ford

The Focus Electric has a unique in vehicle and mobile technology designed to help Focus Electric drivers manager features of their vehicle for a unique and rewarding driving experience.  Gresham Ford Sales Professionals can show you how Smartgauge with EcoGuide LCD Instrument cluster with unique all electric driving screens sets The Focus Electric apart from other electric vehicles available in Portland.  

With the 76 mile range of the Focus Electric it provides twice the average American's daily commute and lots of power for Oregonians too. Focus Electric has a quiet 107-kW electric traction motor. But a smooth, quiet ride also depends on the kind of suspension used.  The #FocusElectric has a fully independent rear suspension is designed to absorb bumps with minimal or no
effect on the opposite wheel.  

Focus Electric shows that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and technology to drive an energy-efficient car. It offers features comparable to LEAF, plus several that LEAF doesn’t, such as SYNC 3, SmartGauge with EcoGuide and HD Radio.

Why spend your time squished into a small space?  Focus Electric seats five and has four cu. ft. more passenger volume than Spark EV.  Is “Italian design” another way to say “not very much room?” Let’s just say Focus Electric has
over 18 cu. ft. more passenger interior volume than Fiat 500e.  Fiat 500e has a non-independent rear suspension. Focus Electric, with its fully independent suspension on the front and rear, plus European-inspired tuning, is designed to provide a smooth ride.

Since navigation services are such a key part of operating an electric car, it’s nice to see that the SYNC 3 system is fully integrated into the instrument panel, complete with a standard 8-inch touchscreen. The 500e navigation screen is just mounted on the dash.

The Focus Electric has a 28 horsepower advantage over the e-Golf that can help make a big difference when passing or merging onto the freeway.  Focus Electric comes standard with a list of features that require a more expensive trim level on e-Golf.  

For more information about the Focus Electric and how it compares, contact the Product Specialists at Gresham Ford.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Fusion Energi (Plug-In Hybrid) Review

Ford Fusion Energi for Sale at Gresham Ford
The Fusion Energi is the first plug-in hybrid midsize sedan for Ford and is only available at EV Certified Ford Dealers, like Gresham Ford.  The plug in capability means the lithium-ion battery can be fully charged easily overnight in approximately 7 hours using the standard 120 volt convenience charging cord that is included with the vehicle.  For faster charging you also have the option of installing a 240 volt charging station at your home just like the ones you have probably noticed around Gresham and Portland.  The Fusion Energi combines the state of the art lithium-ion battery and electric motor with a gasoline engine for maximum efficiency and elimination of range anxiety.

Many are surprised at the zippy powerful feeling the immediate torque from the electric motor provides with a capability of driving up to 85 MPH in all electric mode.  The Fusion Energi Hybrid truly offers the best of both worlds, providing the capability of driving an electric vehicle but the ability to act as a hybrid for longer trips between charges.  This is a sacrifice for the planet you'll truly enjoy.
Ford Fusion Energi Charging Port

The 2.0L Atkinson cycle I-4 eCVT provides 95 MPGe (MPGe is the EPA equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for electric mode operation) 81 MPG3 on the highway and 88 MPGe combined.  Even if you just ran the Fusion Energi without charging it you would get 40 MPG in the city, 36 MPG on the highway and 38 MPG combined.

If you are like many customers looking for electric vehicles for sale you are probably doing lots of research and comparing different models like the Chevy Volt.  We think you will find the room in the Fusion Energi more versatile for most lifestyles that include kids, dogs, etc as opposed to the much smaller Volt.

Chevy Volt vs Ford Energi Comparision

To see the online inventory of Ford Fusion Energi (Plug-In Hybrids) currently in stock and for Sale at Gresham Ford visit the website.  You can also test drive one at 1999 East Powell Blvd Gresham OR 97080.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

2016 Fusion Energi at Gresham Ford

The Fusion Energi is the first plug-in hybrid midsize sedan for Ford and is available through Ford Certified EV Dealers like Gresham Ford for the Portland Metro Area.  The plug-in capability means the lithium-ion battery can be fully charged easily overnight in approximately 7 hours using the standard 120-volt convenience charging cord or — for faster charging in about 2.5 hours —
an available 240-volt charging option.  This is a great option that can recharge while you sleep while using nothing more than the same kind of cord you would use for your vacuum cleaner.  
2016 Ford Fusion Energi Available at Gresham Ford
The Fusion Energi combines a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery and electric motor with a gasoline engine for maximum efficiency.  This also gets rid of any range anxiety drivers may feel with the fully electric vehicles.  The Fusion Energi is capable of driving up to 85 mph in all-electric mode and is very zippy off the line thanks to the immediate torque provided by the electric power.  This 2016 Ford Fusion Energi combination of plug and hybrid offers the best of both worlds, providing the capability to be driven as an electric vehicle for short trips and as a hybrid for longer trips.  This truly is the best of both worlds.  The Fusion Energi shares many of the same advanced powertrain system features with Fusion Hybrid,  Combining the best features of a gasoline engine and an electric motor to deliver excellent driving
performance and efficiency is a winning combination for Oregon drivers who crave most responsible forms of transportation but still need to avoid range anxiety.  The Fusion Energi can be charged by connecting the vehicle’s external charge port to either a standard 120-volt outlet or an available 240-
volt charging option.  Just by plugging it into your normal 120 outlet you probably already have in your garage with the cord provided, your Fusion will fully charge in 7 hours.  Most of us drive less than 20 miles to work.  If that is true for you the Fusion Energi wouldn't touch your gas tank during your daily commute.  You can travel up to 85 mph in all-electric mode as long as you have the energy in your "tank".  The plug-in capability offers drivers greater range and capability in full EV mode (all-electric only) than Fusion Hybrid, helping to further reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.  It truly is great technology.  Many of the Managers of Gresham Ford drive Energi vehicles and really enjoy competing to see who can go longer without using fuel.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Charging your C-Max Energi

The 2014 C-Max has a external charge port and light ring on the drivers side of the vehicle.  The charge port enables the lithium-ion battery to draw and store power from the electric grid using an available 240 volt home charging station or standard 120-volt convenience charger.  The charger port door is designed for convenient push open and close. Use your thumb and press on the door in the location of the indention to open the door.  To close the door, use your thumb to press in the same location until the door has rotated back into position and clicked into place.

The lithium-ion battery current charge state is indicated by the LED light ring around the port.  The light ring is divided into four quadrants that represent one quarter, one half, three quarters, and fully charged lithium-ion battery status.  When you initially plug in your C-Max Energi the light ring will flash twice in sequence and then glow confirming the charging coupler has been detected and charging is in progress.  When plugging in, the charge coupler button will click confirming the charge port is connected.  Charging is complete when all four quadrants are lit and not flashing.  The light ring will shut off one minute after the lithium ion battery reaches a full charge.  If you only utilize your normal 110V plug in your garage it will take approximately 6-7 hours to fully charge from fully drained.  Your charge status can always be checked by simply pressing the unlock button on your key FOB.  Your light ring will illuminate the corresponding quadrants, indicating the level of charge.  If your charge is below 25% the light ring will not illuminate at all.

You can also modify your charge port light ring settings by accessing the center stack menu through settings > vehicle > Charge Port Light Ring.

Other things to keep in mind when you plug your vehicle in using the cord that comes with the vehicle.  Do not use extension cords or adapters when plugging into a 110 outlet.  The outlet must be three prong and properly grounded and in good condition.  The circuit must also be dedicated.  There should be no other appliances connected to the same circuit.  Always plug the cord into the AC outlet before connecting the charge cord coupler into the vehicle's charge port.  Do not pull the plug from the AC outlet while the vehicle is charging.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Hybrid Plug-In CMax is right for Portland

The C-Max Energi is the first production plug-in hybrid vehicle for Ford available through EV (Electric Vehicle) Ford Dealerships like Gresham Ford.  The C-Max is just the first part of a first ever hybrid only vehicle line from Ford in North America.  This hatchback features a total EPA estimated driving range in electric and gas of 550 miles and in EV only the range is 19 miles.

You may be asking what is a plug-in hybrid.  Plug-in capacity means the lithium ion batter can be fully charged easily overnight in approximately 7 hours using a standard 120 volt convenience charging cord.  This car from Ford delivers maximum efficiency by combining a state of the art lithium ion battery and electric motor with a gasoline engine.  The C-Max Energi offers the best of both worlds, providing the capability to be driven as an electric vehicle for short trips and as a hybrid for longer trips.
For More Information about the C-Max Energi see a Gresham Ford Sales Professional
Plug-in vehicles such as C-Max Energi receive two fuel economy ratings from the Environmental Protection Agency.  The first is miles per gasoline gallon equivalent (MPGe) - fuel efficiency when operating on lithium ion battery power.  The equivalent measure of gasoline fuel efficiency for EV mode operation.  The second rating is miles per gallon (mpg) - fuel efficiency when operating on gasoline power.  Both EPA ratings are combined ratings that provide a weighted average of the city and highway fuel efficiency for the vehicle.  

For more information about the CMax Energi or any of the Ford vehicles please feel free to stop by 1999 East Powell in Gresham or call 503-665-0101 or visit our website at

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fusion Hybrid offers advantages in the Portland Metro Area

Ford Fusion Hybrid In Stock at Gresham Ford
Gresham Ford is proud to offer Fusion Hybrid can travel up to 85 mph in EV mode (all-electric) – up from 62 mph. People living in and around Gresham and East County want to purchase electric or hybrid vehicles but have some level of anxiety regarding the technology.  The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a perfect option to ease into the next level of automotive technology.  The Fusion Hybrid offers a 2.0L Atkinson-cycle I-4 engine is among the most advanced non-turbocharged 4-cylinder powertrains Ford has to offer.  The state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery generates more power than the nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) battery on the previous- generation Fusion Hybrid.  If you haven't driven a Fusion Hybrid you should.  The Gresham Ford Sales Professionals are knowledgeable and happy to answer any and all of your questions.  The upgrade in technology and comfort in the vehicle is notable from previous model years.  The electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (eCVT) provides seamless power delivery and a enjoyable driving experience.  One of the hybrid exclusive technology is the SmartGauge with EcoGuide that helps drivers maximize fuel economy.  This is also where the leaves live.  The better and more efficiently you drive the more leaves to get.  It is surprising addictive and makes driving efficiently fun.